Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key is more than just a text editor and a spreadsheet program. The most significant difference between Office 2010 and Office 2007 is that you can change everything about the Ribbon in Office 2010. In Microsoft Office 2010, all you have to do is right-click and select “Customize Ribbon.” Then you’ll get a simple list of commands to add to existing Tabs and Groups or make your custom Ribbon entries. In addition, Microsoft Office 2010 has a full-screen interface that gives you access to all the functions you want to use. This interface, called “Backstage View,” lets you save, make, print, and even send documents.

Enhanced copy/paste is another feature you can use across the whole suite. Select Paste when you right-click on a document. You can switch between different paste options that let you choose whether to keep your original format, mix formats from different documents, or paste text as you move your mouse over documents. This enables you to see how your work turned out. Co-authoring and web applications make it easier to share documents, which is another essential feature of Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download. For example, co-authoring lets more than one person work on an Office document together.




Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download Full Version With Key

Users can upload files to Sky Drive or use Microsoft Office Live, which can work with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Chrome. All Office programs have a ribbon interface and a new version of the Office menu called Backstage. However, the Backstage menu is accessed through the File tab. The Backstage menu is a full-screen alternative to the Files menu, which was introduced in Office 2007 as a simple drop-down. Microsoft advertises Backstage as a feature that lets users explore more output options. Power users can avoid Backstage by using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+S to save or Ctrl+P to print.

 If you don’t use keyboard shortcuts and don’t want to use Backstage, you can add any of the options to a custom button on your Office ribbon. If you’re going to do something more complicated than just print, save, and open, the Backstage View has a beautiful user interface that makes it easier to do these tasks. One of the most popular backstage views is the Save & Send menu, which shows the pros and cons of each sharing format in detail. Also, the Print menu gives you an extensive preview of your document right away. It also has the Info tab that opens when the File tab is clicked. It shows you a lot of information about your document.




Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download 32/64 Bit For Windows

On the Backstage Info tab, you can see important information like the number of words and the last time the document was changed. In addition, you can switch to older document versions, check for accessibility and sharing problems, and then set permissions to limit who can see the file.

Microsoft Word 2010:

The three most important new features in Word 2010 are security, formatting when you copy and paste, and changing how images look. For example, protected View is used when you open a suspicious document, like a Word file with an email. When you look at the document in this mode, you can’t change it, and it can’t use macros, ActiveX controls, or other things that could damage your computer. But if you think this is too safe, it’s easy to take it off or change it. Ultimately, all antivirus programs look for malware in email attachments, including Word documents.

The image menu might be the most interesting new thing about Word 2010. When you add an image and click it twice, a Picture Tools menu appears at the top of the Ribbon. From the Picture Tools menu, you can crop and rotate your image, add an edge, or add effects such as glows, bevels, and reflections.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Microsoft Excel 2010:

Excel 2010 also has many improvements to how well it works. For example, if you use Excel often and hit the file size limit, the almost unlimited 64-bit version will make you happier. Other performance improvements and the use of multicore processors to speed up graphics rendering and load large worksheets will also make you more comfortable.

When combined with the improvements to the mathematical engine in Office 2007 that use multiple cores, these changes give Excel 2010 a speed boost and make sure that it can take advantage of the powerful desktop computers. Microsoft only has to set the GPU to do some number crunching. However, people who work in academic institutions or other places with a lot of resources can benefit from High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster processing, which lets you give the processing job to other computers.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010:

Many themes can help people get started, and the Live previews you see in Office 2010 are also in PowerPoint. These are especially helpful for seeing animations and transitions before putting them in. These animations and transitions look better than ever.

PowerPoint’s most important feature is the ability to embed locally stored videos and videos from websites like YouTube or Vimeo. You can change the contrast, add artistic effects, or change your videos so that they only show the part you want to use, just like you can with image editing software. 

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Latest Crack Free Download

Updated User Interface:

Microsoft Office 2010 Download Free and its predecessor appear similar enough that you can get them mixed up if you don’t compare them side by side. The most noticeable aesthetic change is transitioning from a bright blue backdrop and accents to a light gray one for your papers. 

The second significant change is including a File menu tab in the Ribbon. The Office 2007 application’s top left corner logo has been replaced with this tab. In Office 2007, clicking on the Office logo brought up a pull-down menu with saving, open, and print choices; in Office 2010, clicking on the File tab brought up Backstage View.


  • Customizable Ribbon.
  • Enhanced video and image editing.
  • OneNote is available as a standard.
  • Present online via PowerPoint.
  • Faster performance.
  • Improved Outlook.
  • Customizable Ribbon.
  • Fantastic Picture tool.
  • Easy cloud access.
  • Skydrive integration.

Key Features:

  • Every Office application has a ribbon interface that looks cooler and eye catchy.
  • Administrators can create and distribute customized ribbons to users for a tailored or simplified approach.
  • This new approach for behind-the-scenes document work is necessary. You can access Save, Save As, Open, and Close by clicking the new File button. You can also customize document properties, manage versions, check compatibility, and remove hidden metadata for sharing.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 includes a live preview paste feature that lets you hover over an option to see your clipboard item. Then, click the Paste drop-down menu from the Home ribbon.
  • Office 2010 includes Web-based Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that work through Windows Live and/or SharePoint.
  • In the new protected View, Internet-downloaded documents, workbooks, presentations, and Outlook attachments open as read-only. This means the application runs in a “sandbox” mode to protect you from malicious code unless you enable editing for the document.
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 can use themes to ensure a consistent look. Office 2010 has 40 built-in themes, up from 20 in Office 2007.

Word 2010:

  • Insert a screenshot without using the Windows Snipping Tool. Instead, use Insert > Screenshot to insert an image.
  • Select an image, then choose Crop to Shape from the Format contextual ribbon’s Crop option.
  • Word 2010 has new photo-editing tools that you can find by inserting a picture, selecting it, then going to the Format contextual ribbon. Options include Remove Background and Artistic Effects.
  • Click Show under the View ribbon or press Ctrl+F to use the navigation pane. You can search for text, graphics, tables, equations, and/or comments, but you can also drag and drop sections of your document to rearrange it.

Excel 2010:

  • Sparklines will provide single-cell data visualization. Highly configurable mini-charts in Line, Column, or Win/Loss styles show data trends without manually poring over every number. Insert tab, Sparklines group. Autofill your worksheet with sparklines.
  • Use PivotTables to narrow your View based on a slice of data from the table or the source. Slicers from the Insert ribbon let you review data without modifying the Pivot Table.
  • All Office 2010 applications support 64-bit Windows, but Excel users benefit because more extensive workbooks are possible.

PowerPoint 2010:

  • PowerPoint 2010 lets you edit embedded videos without using a separate program. The editing tools allow trimming and adjusting brightness, color, and style.
  • Using Broadcast Slide Show, deliver live presentations to remote users.
  • Convert your presentation into a video you can upload to YouTube or distribute as a file.
  • Animation Painter feature lets you paint one object’s animation settings onto another or multiple objects.
  • Section feature divides your slideshow. Creating and moving sections helps organization and collaboration.
  • Transitions and animations have their ribbons. New transitions abound, and older ones look better than ever.

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System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Server 2008, XP SP3, Vista SP1, 7, 8.1, 10, 11.
  • Processor: Intel 1GHz or higher.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Storage: 3.5GB.

How to Crack?

  1. First, download the software from the link below.
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  3. Find the readme.txt file and follow all instructions.
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