Zuma’s Revenge Crack With Registration Key Free Download

Zuma’s Revenge Crack With Registration Key Free Download

Zuma's Revenge Crack With Registration Key Free Download

Zuma’s Revenge Crack is a great challenging game in which you play as an island frog. Very colorful rolling balls are constantly moving along the sandy road, and your goal is to shoot them to earn points. You must combine three or more balls of the same color to prevent them from reaching the end of the road. You can fill the Zuma’s Revenge bar to prevent fresh balls from appearing. You’ll quickly fill the Zuma’s Revenge bar if you shoot the fruit. Other rolling balls have unique features (power-ups); some spin the balls in the opposite direction, and others slow down the speed of the balls on rotation.

Try shooting three deadly balls. The complexity of each subsequent level increases. There are approximately 60 levels and three different playing modes: adventure, challenge, and heroic frog. To unlock Challenge and Heroic Frog modes, you must first complete Level 10 in Adventure mode. You can win up to 70 trophies in Challenge mode. Herok Frog mode is similar to adventure mode but significantly more intense. Once started, you will not be able to stop playing.




Zuma’s Revenge Crack Gameplay:

The primary purpose of Zuma’s revenge is to clear rolling balls or rocks by mixing balls of the same color as Zuma’s Revenge Crack For PC. To hit these wires and fireballs, players handle with the ball-hitting frog, which always points in the direction of the mouse. When three or more balls of the same color meet, the playing field will be cleared. This sweeper opens holes for the player to shoot more balls at the surrounding wires, target bonus fruit, and ‘power up’ rocks. If the balls at each end of the space are (or become) of the same color, the area closes automatically, possibly causing a series of reunions and clearing reactions when fresh sets of three or more are formed. The strings of the balls constantly move along their tracks towards the skull-shaped symbol towards the end.

When they reach the skull mark, the player is bitten by the skull symbol and loses his life, and the game ends at the point where the player dies. But, unlike the first Zuma’s Revenge License Key game, where players are allowed to play the first stage of the temple again regardless of the stage when the player’s own game is over, the game will start again from the next point checkpoint. In addition, the last ball’s strings are “pushed” on the line, so balls not attached to the series in the rear cannot move freely. Random balls will show a power-up that the player can collect by destroying the ball permanently. Power-ups that slow down or reverse the direction of the string, a three-way cannon that explodes on all surfaces of balls, a laser that can destroy a ball, a bomb, and an electric power-up that blows all balls kills.

Zuma's Revenge Crack With Registration Key Free Download

Game Modes:

  • Adventure Mode: Playing in adventure mode, the player passes through a Polynesian-style island controlled by the god of revenge, Zhaka Mu. There are five places on the island, each with ten degrees. At the end of each island section, the player encounters the Tiki Deity, with whom the player must engage in a boss battle. With each step of the adventure mode, Iron Frog and Boss Rush modes become available to the player. Iron Frag mode, where the player has to go through ten levels with only one life. In Boss Rush, the player encounters all eight bosses in Adventure mode in a single session and tries to complete the mission in the shortest time.
  • Gauntlet Mode: Zuma’s Revenge offers Gauntlet mode as an added feature, allowing players to select a level already completed in Adventure mode and either train to defeat it or play in survival mode. As a result, the complexity of Zuma’s Revenge Product Key, colors, and the speed of the ball will constantly increase. The Gauntlet mode level categories are as follows: Rabbit, Eagle, Jaguar, and Sun God, listed in descending order. Depending on the mode, a player must complete seven steps or seven yellow bars before going to the next level in practice or survival mode. When a player reaches the Sun God, the balls keep moving at a constant speed despite being close to the skull, and you can continue indefinitely, as there is no limit to the level of rankings in terms of both stages and bars.


  • The game is quite tricky.
  • There are more than 60 levels.
  • There are three different game modes.
  • Some rolling balls come with power-ups.

Zuma's Revenge Crack With Registration Key Free Download

Key Features in Zuma’s Revenge Crack:

  • Over 60 levels and six mini-game, Boss Beatles. You have to complete them all.
  • Score powerful power-ups, including three extra shots.
  • Discover new gameplay features like Lily Pad Hopping, Slide Aiming, etc.
  • Try your hand at 70 brand new challenges in Mystery Jungle, Quiet Village, Lost City, and Mosquito Coast.
  • Run the Iron Frog Gauntlet and complete ten levels in a row.
  • In heroic frog mode, turn up the heat.
  • Enjoy the stunning graphics and effects that bring Zuma’s Revenge Crack into the modern gaming environment.

System Requierments:

  • OS: Window7/8/8./10/11.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2.0GHz or later.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Storage: 500MB.

Zuma’s Revenge Serial Key




How to Crack?

  1. Firstly download Zuma’s Revenge Crack From the given link.
  2. Then extract files and Install the Program As Normal.
  3. After Installation, Do not run the Software.
  4. Now, Paste Crack Files into the program files.
  5. Finally, Done.
  6. Enjoy.
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